Elevate Your Space with 5 Soft Floral Wallpapers

Florals aren’t just for spring and summer. They have an appeal that transitions through the seasons with a timeless elegance that elevates any space. Soft floral and botanical wallpapers are versatile with an enduring popularity that has lasted for generations. Our love affair with floral prints started in the Victorian era, with designs evolving as trends changed.

 Today’s wallpapers aren’t your grandmother’s floral prints. While they have a classic feel, soft floral wallpapers take the vintage-inspired prints and make them feel contemporary with a fresh new look. Feminine but minimalistic, these luxury wallpapers add a subtle personality to your space.

 As part of our commitment to the planet, we plant a tree for every order over $200. Here are  five of our best-selling soft floral wallpapers that will add timeless elegance to any room in your home.

  1.   Country Floral
    country floral cute beige vintage retro peel and stick or non pasted wallpaper for walls

Soft floral wallpapers are unapologetically romantic. They have a way of transforming your space with a whimsical feel. Our ‘Country Floral’ design encapsulates a sophisticated look with an intricate design.

 While this floral wallpaper works for any space, it’s an ideal choice for a powder room, home office, or an entertaining space. The warm color palette helps brighten up your space throughout every season.

  1.   Vintage Simple Floral
    simple vintage floral purple aesthetic wallpaper for walls

Floral wallpapers don’t have to be a splash of color. If you prefer a minimalistic design, our ‘Vintage Simple Floral’ wallpaper offers a subtle way to incorporate botanical features into your home décor. The mauve backdrop is an alternative to the traditional choice of pink for floral wallpapers with the white detailing creating a dynamic, three-dimensional look.

  1.   Neutral Floral Diamond
    neutral cute peach and beige aesthetic diamond pattern floral non pasted or peel and stick textile wallpaper for walls

Combine floral and geometric elements with our ‘Neutral Floral Diamond’ wallpaper. It features a soft pastel color palette with delicate floral detailing placed against the backdrop of a contrasting diamond design.

This neutral design embraces a chic bohemian look with a timeless elegance that makes it suitable for any space. Style with neutral wallpaper as an accent wall or in your living space to create an inviting atmosphere.

  1. Blue Floral Print
    blue floral on white background peel and stick or n on pasted wallpaper for walls

Blue is a color you’ll often see incorporated into soft floral wallpapers. It’s a color that brings tranquility to your space as it helps your mind unwind and relax, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Our ‘Blue Floral Print’ wallpaper brings a meadow of delicate flowers into your home. Create a productive working environment by adding this wallpaper to your home office or entertainment space to help you relax on the weekends.

  1.   Blue Floral Meadow
    beautiful aesthetic blue floral meadow wallpaper for walls

Floral wallpapers are the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom, as it's a design they can keep as they grow up and change their décor to suit their style. The ‘Blue Floral Meadow’ wallpaper captures the beauty of flowers in bloom with seven individual flowers repeated in the style of a meadow.

Our range of floral and botanical wallpapers is available in peel-and-stick  and unpasted designs, made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Explore our soft floral wallpapers and learn how to care for your La Grand Classique wallpaper here.

As part of our commitment to the planet, we plant a tree for every order over $200.

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