Our New Sandy Dreams Wallpaper Collection

Bring the tranquillity of the beach into your home with our new ‘Sandy Dreams’ collection. Each wallpaper in this collection is inspired by the peace and calmness of walking along the beach at sunrise. The colour palette revolves around soothing tones of beige with light shades influenced by white sand beaches.

Embrace the elegance of outdoor living by bringing nature into your home with this wallpaper collection.

We’re sharing 5 of our favourite elegant beach-inspired wallpapers to add tranquillity to your home.

1. Gradient Leaves
We associate leaves with changing seasons. This sophisticated wallpaper design is inspired by the beauty of falling leaves with a neutral colour palette that will transition your home through every season. It’s the perfect backdrop for a home office, bathroom, or any space where you're looking to create a calming environment.

Our sustainable materials make this wallpaper safe for any room in your home, including children’s bedrooms.

2. Neutral Tulip
The subtle tulip design in this neutral wallpaper gives it a feminine feel as the perfect backdrop for a farmhouse bedroom or if you’re inspired by country-side and coastal décor.

This design creates a three-dimensional feel, offering a relaxing ambience for any living space. Make your bedroom or bathroom a calming oasis with this nature-inspired wallpaper.

3. Elegant Strokes
This wallpaper captures the beauty of the world around us with elegant strokes that mimic the movement of nature, from the gentle breeze along the coast to the reflection of the sun on the water. Add this wallpaper as an elegant alternative to a statement wall with its coastal-inspired colour palette.

4. Beachy Clouds
Take the beauty of the sky on a mid-summer day and bring it into your home with our ‘Beachy Clouds’ wallpaper. This elegant wallpaper feels like a piece of living art, creating the illusion of clouds moving across your wall. Add it to your home office, bedroom, or living room to instantly give your space a dreamy feel.

5. Solid Tan
Keep your space minimalistic with a solid colour wallpaper. This timeless tan shade is a transitional colour that works for every season, keeping your space feeling fresh and welcoming throughout the year. It’s an understated design inspired by the graceful elegance of nature and is ideal for adding to a home or office space.

This neutral wallpaper offers a peaceful backdrop for your space, creating a calming environment. It’s one of the most versatile designs from our ‘Sandy Dreams’ collection.

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